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We Believe

…shopping ought to be fun! When it comes to women’s fashion – the market is saturated. You’re spoilt for choice, we get it. Yet, it is often that you find outfits that look good but don’t fit well, sometimes have those extra tassels, a neckline not to your liking, or even sleeves too puffy or too long. We’ve been there and realized it can be frustrating and overwhelming to pick the “right outfit” with the “right fit” for the multiple roles us women must play in our daily lives.

It' s Unique Just like You!

Stil-O-Stitch is here to understand you and your needs. Stil-O-Stitch recognizes your instinct to invest time in yourself.

Need that length to be altered? Done.
Don’t like the sleeves? Don’t worry, they’re gone.
Want the neckline to be round? You got it.
Want more embellishments or none at all? Sure, let’s talk!

Stil-O-Stitch, you are getting a customized and custom fit style a piece that is ‘one of a kind’.

Your Style is our priority, we at Stil-O-Stitch offer an exclusive “Your Stylist” feature that gives you an opportunity to discuss your outfit customization for color, silhouette and design - to ensure your dream design materializes into reality.

We Love Custom Fits!
Dont You?

It is our forte to make available garments that are tailor fitted to your body measurements. You can provide just the minimum measurements and we will make your custom fit garment which can solve all your fitting issues. Our pieces are carefully crafted with functional details to let you express yourself at home and outside your home alike.


It' s Sustainable and
Planet- Friendly!

We are happy to share that we use Certified Organic/BCI Cotton and FSC Viscose for our styles in sustainable product category making them planet friendly.

Each of our style is crafted with functional details that set us apart from mass produced ‘ready to wear’ and allow for a better fit and sustainable use. The process of procuring the fabric, cutting, sewing and styling begins only after you’ve placed your order – thereby eliminating the need for inventory and storage, as well as avoiding any other wastage in the process. We love it when everything falls into place like that – don’t you?

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